Remedying failure risks.
pd2m provides sensing systems for earliest possible and reliable detection of incipient damage and relevant fault conditions. Helping customers to avoid risks of painful downtime, harm to precious lives, valuable resources and the environment.


Detect how component parts fatigue, age, corrode, wear or degrade after impact – long before fault.

Stick and listen! No easier and faster way to capture broadband acoustic waves in solids. pd2m's Ultrasonic Strain Gauge is the world's lightest ultrasonic sensor and is fully flexible. We offer a range of clever measurement systems that lever the superior bandwidth and simple handling of this unique sensor design. Plug 'n play! No soldering!



Adverse hydrodynamics can unfold extreme kinetics that dramatically reduce operational life of fluid systems. CaviSense is the world's first sensor system to detect and quantify cavitation aggressivity in hydraulic components and sonication systems.

For CaviSense we offer a range of packagings suited to your requirements. The CaviSense system operates on pd2m's easily replaceable Ultrasonic Strain Gauges utilized as in-fluid pressure pick-up.


ABOUT US Our Company & Amazing Team

pd2m is an aspiring and interdisciplinary technology company with roots at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. We are specialized in the development of measurement systems in the space of early damage or fault detection and non-destructive testing. With technological focus on the development and production of flexible thick-film piezo sensors and sensor materials, we primarily target highly-dynamic measurands like acoustic emissions or cavitation. Our interdisciplinary team has a strong footprint in electronic and mechanical engineering, mechatronics and information science and many years of experience in the domain of non-destructive testing and fault detection.

Executive Board

Our Management Team at your disposal.

Dipl.-W.Inf. Deniz ErtogrulBusiness & Sales
Dr.-Ing. Martin DimitrovR&D
M.Sc. Philip KieperR&D

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Our Blog Latest News

09 / 2016


CaviSense featured in the 9/16 issue of the CHEMIE TECHNIK magazine

07 / 2016

Science4Life Venture Cup 2016

Winner of 6th prize in the finals of the German Science4Life Venture Cup 2016

06 / 2016

Forum Industriearmaturen 2016 (June 15, Essen)

pd2m CaviSense presentation at the 11th Forum Industriearmaturen in Esssen

06 / 2016

IFAT 2016 (May 30 - June 3, München)

pd2m CaviSense presented in demonstrator of a smart valve from VAG-Armaturen GmbH (HALL A4.151/250)

03 / 2016

W3plusFAIR (Mar 02/03, Wetzlar)

Presentation of the Ultrasonic Strain Gauge on W3plus FAIR, RITTAL Arena Wetzlar

06 / 2015

Industrielle Automation

Portrait of the pd2m team in Industrielle Automation 4/2015 Magazine

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06 / 2015

ATE 2015, June 16 - 18, Stuttgart

pd2m exhibiting at Automotive Testing Expo 2015, HALL 1/1053 Messezentrum Stuttgart

05 / 2015

SENSOR+TEST 2015, May 19 - 21, Nürnberg

pd2m exhibiting at SENSOR+TEST 2015, HALL 12/467 Messezentrum Nürnberg

05 / 2015

AMA Conf. 2015, May 19 - 21, Nürnberg

Embedded surface-pressure measurement with flexible piezo film sensors, AMA Conference SENSOR 2015, Nürnberg

05 / 2015

Industrial Engineering News

pd2m S-Tape multi-channel thick-film pressure measurement system in May Issue of Industrial Engineering News (IEN)

11 / 2014

VDI Nachrichten

Interview on the startup pd2m and its S-Tyre project for the automotive space in VDI-Nachrichten

10 / 2014

Hoch3 Magazine

pd2m in the October Issue of the Hoch3 Magazine of Technical University Darmstadt

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07 / 2014

EXIST Forschungstransfer

pd2m beginning 2-year EXIST Forschungstransfer funding programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

01 / 2014

TU Darmstadt Competition Winner

The founder team being awarded with the 1st prize in the TU Darmstadt Entrepreneurial Competition of 2013

12 / 2013

EXIST funding granted

pd2m being granted 2-year governmental funding EXIST Forschungstransfer by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

2012 - 2013

Diverse Publications

Conference publications including FAA Forschung 2013 Basel, CAV 2012 Singapur, VDMA Frankfurt 2013, Turbo Expo Duisburg 2012, Kavitationstagung Grenoble 2013, Workshop Kavitation Drübeck 2013